Monday, April 23, 2012

Why People Hate Female Doctors

The average age men are getting marry is around 25 years of age. This means, on average a man is capable to take care of themselves for 30 years prior to admitting to the life of marriage. On average a men can then make it a year or two before their wives feel the need to start getting them healthy.
Also would you have read this if the title was “I am a tiny winy man, and I could not control my wife?”

We are not here to talk about the man that Dr is, but more the lifestyle changes that we have to endure because the better half in our life has watched Dr and is now changing the things we love. This is a blog to get our voice BACK…at least out of the ear shot from our wives that is.

When our wives start in with a lecture on, “Well I saw on Dr …” A man could just scream. And so, that is what we have created, a place to scream, “I could give a rats tail what Doctor z says…pass the gravy and hand me my beer!!”

Don’t get us wrong, we actually think Dr is a great doctor, and we don’t hate him specifically. However, the desire to sit down in the evening and have a beer, a soda, or maybe even a glass of Gatorade, without the wife bringing up Dr z and high fructose corn syrup.


  1. Nice post!!!

    Very interesting!!!

    Keep blogging!

    1. thanks a lot I do intend to continue to do that

  2. Excessive concerns about health have indeed really gone out of control lately. And I can't help but agree on the fact that when they come from your wife it's even worse!

  3. too true man! i didnt know the average man gets married at 25!

  4. hmm.. interesting view.. I haven't thought about that subject.. :)

  5. I love female doctors, specially hot ones. They will make u wanna go to the hospital :)


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