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Warner Bros. DMCA Fraud and Abuse Case Goes to Jury

The dispute between file-hosting service Hotfile and Warner Bros, where the latter is accused of taking down content they don’t hold the copyrights to, is going to jury trial this fall. The movie studio had requested summary judgment in their favor but the court decided that a jury must hear the issue. “There is sufficient evidence on the record to suggest that Warner intentionally targeted files it knew it had no right to remove,” the judge notes.


Last month the MPAA announced a major victory in its case against file-hosting service Hotfile.

redacted copy of the verdict was released this week confirming that the movie studios won summary judgment on the issues of DMCA defense and vicarious liability. The remaining issues will be fought out in a trial later this year.

What the MPAA didn’t mention, however, is that the issue of Warner Bros’ alleged abuse of Hotfile’s anti-piracy tool will also go to jury.

Hotfile sued the movie studio two years ago for abusing the DMCA takedown process on numerous occasions.

The file-hoster alleged that after giving Warner access to its systems, the studio wrongfully took down hundreds of files including games demos and Open Source software without holding the copyrights to them. The takedowns continued even after the movie studio was repeatedly notified about the false claims.

In a response, Warner Bros. admitted the accusations. However, the movie studio argued that they are not to blame because the mistakes were made by a computer, not a person. As a result, the false takedown request were not “deliberate lies.”

Warner Bros. asked the court for summary judgment in its favor, but Florida District Court Judge Kathleen Williams has decided to let the issue be heard before a jury.

“There is sufficient evidence on the record to suggest that Warner intentionally targeted files it knew it had no right to remove. This precludes summary judgment in [Warner Bros'] favor,” the judge writes.

Judge Williams notes that Warner Bros. does not dispute the erroneous takedowns. The movie studio claimed that these mistakes were unavoidable but also admitted that it did not check whether the “infringing” titles actually pointed to their content. In addition, there are several other factors the jury will have to make a decision on.

“Warner readily admits that mistakes do occur, and Hotfile has identified characteristics that may be responsible for engendering those mistakes. For example, Warner’s staff did not download or review any Hotfile content before marking it for removal,” Williams writes.

Warner Bros. has targeted copyrighted works from other copyright holders, Electronic Arts for example. The movie studio also removed the software JDownloader, which was offered legally, no less than eight times for reasons that are redacted in the verdict.

“Specifically, Hotfile has provided the example of JDownloader, which Warner did not manage [redacted]. It has also shown Warner’s interest in an application of its takedown rights beyond works that it owns. And Warner has not otherwise argued that it had the right to remove those files, only that its mistakes should be excused,” Judge Williams writes.

The above is enough evidence for Hotfile to argue their case before a jury, in what promises to be a unique case on the appropriateness of automated DMCA takedown filters.

“The Court finds this motive and other evidence sufficient to sustain an inference that Warner violated Section 512©, such that these issues should be presented to the jury.”

The case will now move to trial which is scheduled to start in November. Aside from the copyright infringement claims against Hotfile, the DMCA abuse case is expected to set an important precedent.

To be continued.

How to Convert Torrent to Direct HTTP Link

Changes : Added 1 new service and changes of policies by, ZBigZ and Boxopus

Following the downfall of the popular torrent conversion site Torrific few years back, people are constantly looking for an equivalent alternative that may provide the same if not for better service which they used to enjoy with Torrific.

As much of the content nowadays can be easily acquired and obtained from the ever popular torrent search engine such as Pirate Bay due to its large database in comparison to a much more traditional method - which I would say - by downloading a file through a file locker site which may implement a pain in the ass limitation to its user such as capped download speed just to point out one of those.

Without any speed limitation, why would one looking to convert those torrent magnet link into direct (HTTP) link? Well, there are a few factors but the most significant one would be the censorship issues which are happening due to the excessive copyrights complains from the copyright holder that lead to the access denial to such site by the Internet Service Provider (ISP). Privacy concern was also one of the factors that encourage BitTorrent users to avoid downloading with a BitTorrent client software as they have a fear that their IP address might be acquired by irresponsible parties for the wrong reason.

Thus and without further ado, I would like to share a few good and reputable site that will help us to do just that (torrent to HTTP conversion). The following sites that would be introduced is solely based on my personal experience and what's more the best part of it is that most of the sites do provide a good service even for the free user!


Put_io.668x305.png could have easily been one of our top favorite sites on the list as it does not only stored users fetched files for an indefinite time period, what’s even better is that it also help user to seed the torrent until a certain given ratio (2.0 for private tracker and 1.0 for public tracker). also allow users to stream a video file directly using a supported video player such as VLCMPlayer and also KMPlayer. Wait, have we mentioned that also offer the service to convert the downloaded video to MP4 format so that it would be compatible with its default web player (we would like to point out that with the web player you can search for the subtitle or even load your own custom subtitle file to be played with the video online)?

Thank to the accessibility of its API program user will also find themselves benefiting with application developed by third parties such as Roku which will further enhance your experience with There were also apps available for both of the iOS and Android users.

It's very unfortunate that have temporarily closed down its registration a for free account by reason of reaching the server capacity. The free plan has a 1 GB daily download traffic quota, 1.3 GB file storage capacity (varies and up to 3.2 GB storage space based on the previous referral program), and also 2 concurrent torrent slots limitation on it. However, user who are interested for a free account may subscribe to its newsletter and be informed about the possibilities of the free account registration in the future from the page here.

But hey, do not be let down by it as according to via its official Facebook page there is still a way to grab yourself a free account. Currently, there are 3 different plans on the table to be chosen from based on the storage capacity needed starting from 50 GB for $9.99 per month, 100 GB for $14.90 per month and also 200 GB for $19.90 per month respectively. All paid plans have unlimited bandwidth and 15 concurrent torrent slots.


And hey, trust me it's worth every penny for such a great service offered!


- The user will now be able to access via FTP server. However and for a starter the file will only be available in a read only medium.
- Free user download bandwidth is now equivalent to account available storage (disk space). For instance, user with 2 GB total storage space will be given 2 GB bandwidth and so on.
- No more free space check problem while adding new torrent file.


Meanwhile, is a completely different type of service which they offer an unlimited storage time for fetched file as long as the file is from a public sources such as the Pirate Bay. also being generous in terms of the bandwidth limitation as free user are being given a rather respectable 250 GB monthly traffic besides a 2 GB file size limit for each torrent file to be fetched. With, user may stream video file directly to local player like VLC or XBMC through various supported console (PC, Smartphone, and even Xbox), convert file to iOS compatible format, and also playing a video via its web player. Also note that file that have been fetched previously by other users will be available instantly from the server cache instead of having the needs to fetching the file all over again. You may want to refer follows to their file retention policies as below:

- All files added by downloading from public sources are kept as long as possible.
- If disk space on a particular storage node is required then the least popular file is physically deleted.
- To protect from such automatic deletion you have to mark a file as protected.
- The current storage limit for protected files is 25GB and the feature is available only for premium accounts. The limit will be increased soon.
- All deleted files are placed in the Deleted tab and can be either quickly added back (if not yet physically deleted) or re-downloaded from the original source. also has its own custom browser plugins which allow users to start fetching a torrent immediately and conveniently instead of having to login each time and do it manually in a new tab. The user will also be notified with a  notification whenever a torrent had been successfully fetched.

Premium member has a larger monthly bandwidth limit of 160 GB as well as the abilities to download BitTorrent proxy which are explained through the image below


Users who are interested to know more about the Premium plan offered may refer to the pricing page here which ranging from one week plan to a lifetime plan!
Note that registration would require an invite code. However, by logging in using a Facebook account would bypass the restriction.

Tips: User who find their download speed with slow can refer to this page for a possible solutions.

Here are the sister site (ZZLBox) for which currenty are in Beta stage.

3. ZBigZ


ZBigZ is one of those sites that gain popularity and benefited from the ceasing of Torrific. We have previously done a review on ZBigZ and we even conducted a couple of premium account giveaways to our site visitor. However, ZBigZ has since revamped into a brand new site with a brand new layout and services all together.

ZBigZ is very straight forward to use and you would not even be asked to register for an account in order to use the service. However it is a given that there would be a few glitches for those unregistered users and they may find some features unavailable for them such as not being given a storage space although the download speed, file size limits, and the number simultaneous download are the same as the registered users (150 Kbps, 8 GB,  and 1 to 2 simultaneous download respectively). Note that the registered user we used to compare with earlier are the free registered user and not the premium/paid user.


For full and a more comprehensive detailed overview of the membership plans offered by ZBigZ, please kindly visit the page here.
Note that for free registered user file will be stored for 1 week only and will be deleted thereafter. Also, the torrent will not be cached (or fetched) if you are not on the site meaning that you should not close and leave the site page not until he fetching had completed.


- Maximum torrent file size allowed for free user is now downsized to 1 GB

4. Boxopus


Boxopus is a project that is still in its beta stage although it has been around for quite some time now. At first, the idea of Boxopus is that it was an app to be integrated and used with Drpobox, a cloud storage service in which Boxopus utilize as storage space for users downloaded file (it fetches your torrent files and transfer them to your Dropbox account instead of storing them on their server). Thus, it makes sense that Boxopus rely and very dependent on Dropbox where the amount of storage space available on your account will determine the maximum file size allowed to be downloaded. Therefore virtually for a standard free Dropbox account where with a 2 GB storage space are only allowed to download torrent file which not exceeding 2 GB in size.

To start, you are required to register an account which is totally free of charges and shall remain so until it came out of its beta phrase. The usage is very easy and simple as all you need is to have your magnet link ready or just simply upload the torrent file from your local directory and you are set.

"We can't deliver files to your Dropbox at the moment but they can be downloaded from our servers within 24 hours after we get them from the web."

As you can see from the announcement on the site download page (only accessible by registered user) you will notice that Boxopus were unable to transfer the file to the Dropbox account for the time being but instead the fetched file will be stored and available to be downloaded from the Boxopus server itself in within 24 hours after completion. Also, there is currently no traffic limitation for all users which is awesome to say the least.


"Sorry, you can temporarily download torrents of maximum 2 GB. We're in the process of optimizing functionality. The limitation will be removed soon, don't worry."

- User at the moment are not allowed to fetch torrent file exceeding file size of 2 GB. According to the notice given as of above the limitation should be only temporary (well let just keep or finger crossed for now).


Filestream was quite new to me to be honest therefore I does not use the service as much and often as I would like to do compared to the other services which I had mentioned earlier. Another factor that discourages me use Filestream is that I was unable to access the site in my region as it would give me an “403 Forbidden” error unless if I were to use a VPN.


Free user of Filestream are being entitled and limited to a maximum of 5 GB file size for each torrent download and the file will stay on the server for 3 days only. Filestream also capped its free user bandwidth to 10 GB each month besides allowing the number of simultaneous torrent download to two only at a given time. User however are able to zipped a particular folder and download it but one downside of this feature for free user is that it does not support download resuming. Download resume will work only when a file is being downloaded individually (not zipped) with the aid of a download manager and in order to resume a particular download you will have to refresh your download link and replace it with a new one for it to resume a paused download (you can do it easily with Internet Download Manager).


However, Filestream is not limited to fetching torrent files only as it also allow user to stream files obtained from a file locker site (currently they only support Letitbit for free users, Turbobit and DepositFile for Basic users or higher, and 4Shared for Professional users). Simply input your download link and stream download it with Filestream at fast speed.

6. ByteBX


With ByteBX, free user will be given 2.5 GB of free storage space for a starter and the downloaded file will be kept available for 5 days before being removed from the server. Free user download speed is also being limited to 100 Kbps which is rather slow in my opinion. Also just for your information and from what I have learnt while experimenting with ByteBX is that it takes quite some time -approximately 3 hours- in order for them to fetch the torrent file that I requested completely (the torrent is about 1.3 GB in size and having about 350 seeder at that particular time) with a free account.


User can opt for a paid membership which is the Premium 100 and Premium 300 plan with an unlimited file storage time period, the ability to stream video and music, unlimited simultaneous downloads and also unlimited download speed. The only differences between both plans is its storage offered which is 100 GB and 300 GB respectively.

Note that ByteBX have its own referral program and are rewarding the user with Premium points for referring others to use its service which can be then used as a medium to purchase/exchange for a premium account.

7. BTCloud


Where else BTCLoud offer 1 GB of storage space with 1 GB file size limit and 5 torrents stored at a time for its free users. The downloaded torrent will be stored in sever for only 1 day while paying membership file will be stored for 10 days. BTCloud only accept Bitcoin as their only payment medium for purchasing membership account. The table below shows a list of plans offered by BTCloud


Other alternative site

1. Bruzzy

Bruzzy is a site that is still in beta stages and are only available in Russian language. Use Google Chrome browser to translate the text on the site to your preferred language. You will be able to notice that both the site template and theme are very similar and identical to the one of ZBIgZ (well just saying)

2. JustSeedIt (Beta)

JustSeedIt is a new seedbox service which is new to the scene and currently in its early beta stages therefore the site may be a little unstable and are prone to bugs and error. New users will be entitled to a free lifetime 20 GB of bandwidth (or more based on the referral program that reward user with an extra 20 GB for each registered user referred) each month and the file stored on the server will be removed if it is not being accessed for more than 14 days.

A new user who registered via a referral link will start off with a generous 100 GB bandwidth (some user even claims that even if you registered without a referral you will be receiving the same amount of 100 GB bandwidth too)

Interested user who wishes to register under my referral link can use this link here or use the link here if you choose to register directly.

Well my final thought will be that all of the site above is pretty good given that most of the aforementioned sites above can be used for free. However, if I were to pay for one of those service I would definitely go for Put. io or for sure as they are more reliable and give a consistent download speed to the user. What is your say regarding the service offered by those sites mentioned earlier? I would love to hear your opinion and feedbacks regarding it. I will also be grateful if you can recommend a website which offer a similar service that I might have missed in the article above.

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BBM for Android release date is today at 7am EDT, 12 noon EDT for iOS

After BlackBerry announced on Friday that it was writing down over $900 million in unsold BlackBerry Z10 handsets for the second quarter, giving up on the consumer business and laying off 40% of its workforce, the Canadian based OEM had one more order of business. It tweaked a bit the release day and time of its BlackBerry Messenger for Android, and announced an official launch time for the iOS version.

At 7am EDT (just a few hours from now), BBM for Android will appear in the Google Play Store, ready for the new BlackBerry era to begin. Five hours later, at noon EDT, the app will be ready for iOS users to download and install. Using an assigned PIN, users of the app will be able to send messages back and forth between other users of the app and BlackBerry users. Groups of as many as 30 will be able to communicate at once.

You will also be able to add a status page, and that is all for now. An update planned in the future will allow Android and iOS users to communicate by voice or video. And later on, the BBM Channels social network will be added. This is a feature that was added to BBM with the introduction of BlackBerry 10 earlier this year. Don't be fooled by phony versions of the app spelled incorrectly as Blackberry Messenger!

This appears to be the future of BlackBerry, creating software for other platforms. Let's see if the gang in Waterloo can kick off this new era on the right side.

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Hobbies You Should Take Up In College/University

Many experts will recommend finding a hobby to keep you occupied in between cleaning up, studying and socialising. It’s important for you to develop the art of being able to keep yourself occupied, especially without needing people to keep you fulfilled. Hobbies are a great way to release your stress and spend your time productively to develop your self.

Getting into college/university can be an overwhelming experience. Suddenly, you’re bogged down with many things to study, and you will also be exposing yourself to new faces, clubs, activities and many more. However, once you get past this initial introduction to university, your life will calm down and sooner or later, you’ll start having a lot of extra time to spend. You will soon get bored, and while living on a budget, hitting the cinemas, bowling centres, outdoor activities and going on vacations will suddenly seem like a bad idea because of the high costs.

So what can you do?

Actually, there are many different hobbies that you can take up at very low cost (if you need to pay for anything at all). Here are some ideas for cheap hobbies that you can, and should, take up while in college/university:

1 – Reading

It’s not a myth that people can read as a hobby, and not just to score the high grades. Chances are, your university will have a library that offers a lot of reading materials to choose from – newspapers, magazines, journals, and a wide assortment of both fiction and non-fiction books. Reading is free if you go to the library, and it’s a great way to spend some solitary time alone to enjoy your company. Plus it will definitely improve your language skills!

2 – Writing

Writing comes in many different shapes and forms. You can write stories, articles, blog posts, poems, lyrics – writing is a great way to express yourself, and it has been proven to be a great way to release tension and stress caused by studying. If you join an online community, or start to gather many followers on your blog, writing can be a fulfilling experience to express your thoughts and emotions.

3 – Photography

Today, chances are, you probably own more than one camera. What with your smartphone and digital camera, it’s more than enough for you to take up photography as a hobby. Photography is more than simply directing your lenses and clicking. There are tips and techniques to take beautiful pictures, and the good news is that these techniques can be learned for free, online and in photography books and magazines. If you are able to take good enough pictures, this can also be a way to generate some side-income, especially if you can get some commissions to take pictures. There are also some websites that allow you to sell your pictures as stock photos which you can use.

4 – Arts and Craft

If you’re looking for something to kill time, arts and craft is one of the best ways to do this. From knitting, to paper mache, to painting, scrapbooking, drawing, quilting and many more, diving into arts and craft is a great way to get in touch with your creative side and express yourself. It doesn’t matter if you’re not particularly artistic – this is a great way to release yourself and be free. Who knows, you may also be able to sell your work!

5 – Walking/Hiking/Cycling

A great way to enjoy yourself outdoors at cheap prices is to go walking, hiking or cycling. Usually, this can be done at very minimal cost (if there’s any cost involved at all). Find out some of the best places near your university and go and take a walk. Enjoy the scenery. Looking at the green scenery will mentally soothe you, and it’s a great way to take a break from the stress of your studies. While you’re at it, you can also involve yourself in watching birds or insects, which can also be another hobby.

6 – Music

There are some who could spend hours just immersing themselves in their favourite music, and you can make this your hobby, too. Music is known to be able to connect to your soul emotionally, which is great if you want to relax or take a break. You can also take up a class to learn an instrument. There should be free clubs you can join in university, or you can pay for your classes if you can afford the fees.

7 – Foreign Language

Learning a foreign language can be a great hobby, especially if you have friends who are doing the same. Plus, it’ll definitely look good on your resume if you have mastered a foreign language. 8 – Volunteering If you open your eyes and pay closer attention to the unfortunate people around you, you’d probably find that there are a lot of volunteer jobs out there. If you want to contribute back to society productively in the extra time you have, this will definitely be a fulfilling option to take. Plus, volunteering will equip you with some great skills and experience!

8 – Sports

Last but not least, you can take up a sport as a new hobby. Outdoor sports will keep you fit and healthy and refreshed, while indoor sports can give you the mental stimulation you might need. Either way, taking up sports is always a great way to keep you fit and healthy and it can also kill your time well.

Of course, there are many options to choose from when taking up a new hobby, and many of them are cheap or do not require any money. So take up a new hobby today, and transform yourself with new skills and experience!

Do you have any particular hobby that you enjoy doing? Share them with us!

Choosing Where to Study

Choosing Where to Study

The first thing you need to think about is what kind of job or career you are aiming for. Then find out whether you need a particular type of qualification for that job. For example, if you want to be a teacher, you will need a Bachelor of Education degree or a teaching Diploma. Make the decision about whether you need a degree, a diploma, or a certificate. You also need to think about whether you will study full- or part-time, or whether distance learning might be better for you.
For example, if you look for colleges and universities in South Africa, the Central Applications Office website can be of help. If you are interested in studying in the U.S., the My College Options website will help you explore your school-choice options.
Then you need to think about the location - do you need to live with your parents while you are studying to save costs? Then you will need to find an institution close to home. Some courses are only available at particular institutions, so you may have to stay in a different place if you plan on doing that course.
Get more information and advice to explore your school choice options.

The Top 10 Universities in Africa

While students from across the continent continue to move abroad to study at leading learning institutions in the U.S. and Europe, Africa boasts its own league of great universities. Presented below is Part I of’s Top 10 Universities in Africa. Part II will feature the Top 10 Universities in South Africa, a country that is home to enough academic heavyweights to populate its own list.


Cairo University is a large public university with over 45,000 students and 5,000 faculty. The university publishes its prestigious Medical Journal of Cairo University, as well as publications in interdisciplinary science, pharmacology, information technology, and political science. Founded in 1908, the university was the region’s first secular university, and boasted some of Africa’s first medical and engineering schools.
Prominent alumni include cryptographer Dr. Taher Elgamal, whose work on digital signatures has been adopted by the American National Institute of Standards and Technology, and NASA researcher Taher Elgamal, who participated in the Curiosity’s historic landing on Mars in August.
A popular study abroad destination, Cairo University hosted over 4,000 international students in the academic year ending in 2010—two percent of its total undergraduate population.


Founded in 1919, the American University in Cairo is an American-style small liberal arts college with a heavy emphasis on quality of teaching. The university’s full-time faculty is complemented by an extensive adjunct teaching staff and frequent international visiting lecturers, including the Distinguished Visiting Professor program, which draws global experts from some of the world’s leading institutions.
The University is also on the cutting edge of climate change and women’s rights. Recent initiatives include a “Carbon Footprint Report” released in October, which was the first of its kind in the region, and the Heya Initiative, aimed at stopping sexual harassment, which recently gained recognition as both a United Nations and women-supported youth initiative.
Notable alumni include former Japanese Minister of Defense Yuriko Koike, Romanian diplomat and journalist Dan Stoenescu, and Saudi Arabia’s first female filmmaker, Haifa Al-Mansour.
International students comprise 13 percent of the student body.


Founded in 1972, Mansoura University is one of Egypt’s largest universities with a total student population of around 100,000 spread over its 17 faculties. A research powerhouse, Mansoura University boasts a world class array of medical centers, including those focused on oncology, urology and nephrology, gastroenterology, ophthalmic, and pediatric medicine. Its nephrology center is one of the largest in the region.
Recent student achievements include winning first place in the regional Remote Operational Vehicles (ROV) competition, and moving onto the international competition in the United States.


Founded as a technical school in 1922, Makerere University became an independent national university in 1970. The university developed a focused research agenda in line with the national government’s policy objectives, and seeks to support those programs with a multidisciplinary approach ranging from natural sciences to economics and education. Home to a top medical school, the University of Makerere also partners with the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine to host a medical exchange program, in which students complete rotations in the fields of cardiology, family planning, pediatrics, infectious disease, and trauma (emergency medicine), among many others.
In celebration of the university’s 90 years of existence and of Uganda’s Golden Jubilee, an extension of the main library is currently under construction, and will ultimately result in 8,000 square metres of reading space, 300 computers, a multi-media unit, and software for people with disabilities.
Makerere University is Uganda’s largest university, with an undergraduate population of about 35,000. Six percent of the student body is comprised of international students.
Notable alumni include Kenyan President Mwai Kibaki, former president of Tanzania H.E. Benjamin William Mkapa, and Archbishop of York in the Church of England John Tucker Mugabi Sentamu.


Tracing its roots back to 1956, the University of Nairobi became an independent university in 1970. Today, the university is home to about 50,000 undergraduate students, and boasts an extensive range of research faculties, from biotechnology and bioinformatics to HIV prevention and research, from nuclear science and technology to tropical and infectious diseases.
Indicative of its prominence in the region, the University recently hosted H.E. Ambassador Amina Mohammed, the assistant secretary-general of the United Nations, in a discussion about sustainable development.
Notable alumni include Nobel Peace Prize winner Wangari Maathai; urologist Harcharan Gill, who is a professor at Stanford University, and former supermodel and entrepreneur Iman.


Following the dissolution of the University of East Africa, the University of Dar es Salaam was established as an independent university in 1970. Today, the University has five campuses and 10 faculties, including faculties in mechanical and chemical engineering and aquatic science and technology. A research-focused institute, the University of Dar es Salaam produced 279 journal papers in the academic year ending in 2008.
Notable alumni include President Jakaya Kikwete of Tanzania; President Yoweri Museveni of Uganda; and Asha-Rose Migiro, the deputy secretary-general of the United Nations and a former minister for foreign affairs and international cooperation in the Tanzanian government.
Nine percent of the university’s student body is comprised of international students.


In 1982, the “One Man One Beast” campaign was launched in Botswana to found an independent university that would reduce dependence on South African universities ruled under apartheid. Contributions poured in from all around the country in the form of cash, cattle, grain, eggs, and other crops. Today, the University of Botswana, whose motto is “Education is a Shield,” has an undergraduate population of roughly 16,000. The university offers comprehensive undergraduate programs in seven faculties. Degrees issued range from electrical and electronic engineering to media studies.
The University’s main library, one of the largest on the continent, is five stories high, has roughly 460,000 books, 123,000 full text journals, and 187 internet-dedicated workstations.
Notable alumni include radical feminist sociologist Patricia McFadden, who has served as faculty at Cornell University, Spelman College, Syracuse University, and Smith College in the United States.


Originally founded as an affiliate college of the University of London, the University of Ghana became an independent institution in 1961. Today, undergraduate students number around 26,000. Academic programming is spread over nine colleges issuing an array of academic degrees. A hub of research, the university has institutes focusing on seismology, population studies, migration studies, and ecology. The university boasts partnerships with the Norwegian Universities’ Committee for Development Research and Education, and the Commonwealth Universities Student Exchange Consortium.
Balm Library, the university’s main library, has a collection of over 300,000 volumes. Former United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan is the university’s chancellor.
Four percent of the university’s student body is comprised of international students.


Established in 1962 with the aim of training professionals for the newly independent Nigeria, the University of Lagos is a comprehensive university that strives to learn through “knowledge and research.” The University houses nine faculties, and the Medical School is home to three faculties. With an emphasis on research, the University’s faculty has published over 1,700 papers, with the most publications coming out of the medical, science, and engineering faculties.
In celebration of its Golden Jubilee, the University of Lagos will host a three-day research conference and fair with the theme “Research and Innovation for Economic Development in a Globalising Nigeria.”
Notable alumni include Nigerian television actor Francis Agu; publisher and film producer Wale Adenugu; chairperson of the Nigerian Government’s Economic and Financial Crimes Farida Mzamber Waziri, and HIV/LGBT activist Bisi Alimi.


Established in 2002, Ashesi University’s mission is “to educate a new generation of ethical, entrepreneurial leaders in Africa; to cultivate within our students the critical thinking skills, the concern for others and the courage it will take to transform a continent.”
While learning takes place in a liberal arts setting, the University of Ashesi grants majors in computer science, management information systems, and business administration.
The University of Ashesi has been endorsed by former President Jimmy Carter and Peter Woicke, former managing director of the World Bank. In 2009, the university’s founder, Patrick Awuah, Jr. was awarded the John P. McNulty Prize, given to an individual making an impact on pressing social issues.
Seven percent of the university’s student body is comprised of international students.


First, as with any similar list that determines which universities are “best,” collected both quantitative and qualitative data to determine which universities in Africa would make the Top 10 List.
Second, we made a determination to create two distinct lists: a) Africa, excluding South Africa, and b) South Africa. If we were not to have made this distinction, our Top 10 List would be dominated by South African universities, and would not be useful to those seeking a pan-African perspective. At the same time, we wish to acknowledge the strength of South Africa’s many world-class universities, so we decided to dedicate a list that features just South African institutions.
Third, our criteria include the following: 1) undergraduate and graduate school reputation among higher education peers; 2) student selectivity for entering undergraduate class; 3) quality and quantity of faculty research, including depth of research facilities and engagement beyond immediate community, and 4) international student ratio—the degree to which institution draws students from outside of its national boundaries.
Fourth, in addition to collecting quantitative data on the criteria above, we used our extensive network on the continent for qualitative input as a “reality check” to the results that our data yielded. These “reality checks” resulted in some small, but important adjustments to the list.
We are very proud of our list of the best universities in Africa, and hope that it is a useful tool for those who seek a relative comparison of institutions of higher education on the continent.

How can you afford to study now (or very soon)?

There are many ways to afford tuition and help pay for other expenses even if the student is starting very soon or is already studying. For some programs, it depends on your financial situation. For other financial help, it depends on the student's grades and achievements.
Free Financial Aid 
With free financial aid programs, you are given money to help pay for higher education expenses. You do not need to repay the money you receive.

Scholarships are a type of financial aid award given to students based on academic achievements (or having good grades in school), financial need, participation or interest in sports or drama, or a variety of other requirements.

Bursaries are awarded based on merit and need. The terms of bursaries differ - some are 'no ties', others require you to work for the company that awarded the bursary when you finish your studies.
Education Loans

There are loan programs that come from the government or from banks. You will need to pay back the money you are given. Learn more about these loans.
Student Loans
Students apply for loans to help pay for their higher education expenses.

Additional Ways to Make Studying Affordable
Financial aid, education loans, and scholarships do help families and students afford to pay for college. Find out more about these programs from your high school guidance counselor, local library, or the Financial Aid office at your chosen institution.

But there are also other ways to make studying more affordable, especially for families who aren't comfortable taking out a loan. These ideas are things that students could to do in order to afford higher education.
Stay at home
Unless you have to travel in order to do the course you want, stay with family while you are studying to cut the cost of residence fees. If you do need to live away from home, try to find options that are cheaper than residence, such as shared accommodation, or staying with a family member in that town.

Work while you study
By working part-time while studying, you can help pay for some of your expenses. You can study part-time at an institution, or do a correspondence course (distance learning). Many HE institutions have special 'student job-shops' on campus that help students to find part-time jobs. You can also sign up with 'Find a Student' online.

Meet with a counselor at your institution's financial aid office
Your institution may be able to offer additional financial aid programs. Make sure to make an appointment with a financial aid counselor to find out what other options might be available.