Saturday, June 30, 2012


Auto-Approve List

Stop wasting your time with public auto approve lists and cheap Fiverr deals that only hurt your website rankings. My auto approve packs are freshly harvested from Google, this means Low OBL and includes thousands of Do-Follow and .EDU/.GOV links ready to bring your website to the top. These lists are fast poster compatible and contain mainly WordPress blogs.

  • 98,580 Unique Auto-Approve URL’s ready for Commenting
  • 6,645 Unique Auto-Approve Domains
  • 537 Unique Auto-Approve DO-FOLLOW URL’s on 28 Domains
  • 18 Auto Approve links on 5 .EDU (Not .EDU.xx) Domains
  • 79 Auto Approve links on 8 .EDU.xx Domains
  • 1 AA URL on 1 .GOV.xx Domains

Auto Approve – Trackbacks

  • Trackbacks are a great new way to get your backlink on many sites that are not open to regular blog comments. Since these aren’t as easy to find MANY pages have extremely low OBL count.
  • 34,188 AA Trackback URL’s on 1,069 Unique Domains
  • 7 AA Trackback URL’s on 3 .EDU (Not .EDU.xx) Domain
  • 2 AA Trackback URL’s on 1 .EDU.xx Domains
  • 533 AA Trackback URL’s on 7 DO-FOLLOW Domains

Thursday, June 28, 2012


Current Bot Stats
Stats Last Updated at
June 26th 2012 01:00:17 AM GMT-5

78,523 auto approve and track back links

  • Comment Links

  • 64,656 found auto approve comment links

  • 6,219 unique auto approve comment domains

  • 1,673 found auto approve dofollow comment links

  • 168 auto approve dofollow comment domains

  • TrackBacks

  • 13,867 found trackbacks

  • 2,513 trackback domains

  • 382 found dofollow trackbacks

  • 82 dofollow trackback domains

  • Past 24 Hours

  • 26,314 urls tried

  • 5,670 new auto approve urls added

  • 890 new auto approve trackback urls added

  • 10,050 urls rechecked and are still auto approve

  • 5,545 urls rechecked and are no longer auto approve

  • 74 .edu links



Forget about going from one vendor’s site to another, trying to find a suitable product to promote.
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Saturday, June 23, 2012

GET ARTICLE PRO V1.9.20.1856

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 - Runs on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 (Mac/Linux in a virtual machine).

Friday, June 22, 2012


Scrape Hundreds of High Quality Articles in Minutes!

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Here's main feature list of ArticleScrapeChief :

  •  - Scrape hundreds of articles on ANY topic you choose in MINUTES.

  •  - Define minimum/maximum number of words for the scraped article.

  •  - Multithreaded application with lighting speed.

  •  - Find highly relevant articles matching your keyword in title and/or content.

  •  - Scraped articles can be used for rewriting/spinning/posting/autoblogging/indexing.
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  •  - Supports both normal and private proxies.

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  •  - Runs on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 (Mac/Linux in a virtual machine)



From Author of Instant Backlink Magic.
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Authority, High-PR and Relevant Backlinks
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Thursday, June 21, 2012

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It leverages the ability of:
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Plus the new Slow unleash Campaign builder helps you to set it to unleash links gradually, over time!

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

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Rankbuilder has many options, all of created to urge your content out to as several worthwhile places as attainable whereas grabbing distinctive a way backlinks to your cash pages.

To do this, it creates:

Blogs on net 2.0 sites
Bookmarks on over twenty five of the toli liroperties
Profiles on a number of the foremost serious traffic websites within the world
Submits your (spun) articles to directories along with your links
Creates advanced link wheels (a network of websites belonging to you which ones all purpose to your cash pages)

Leverages the linkbooster perform, that automatically creates links to your links and to the properties RankBuilder already created for you.
This means tons of or maybe thousands of links out there at your finger tips, simply some of button pushes away...

Sure, you'll do all that manually however it might take nearly every week to try to to what RankBuilder will do in exactly minutes.

Consider the time and energy concerned in making only one net two.0 site:

1) 1st you've got to seek out the positioning and convey it up in your browser

2) Then you would like to sort in your required account details and profile

3) Then you've got to sort within the CAPTCHA (insert image here)

4) Then you've got to attend for the confirmation email and click on the link

5) Then you would like to login once more, fill within the article and tags

6) Finally you click submit and currently you've got one article along with your links pointing back to your cash page

Sure, it's going to take you simply five minutes to try to to this, however even then, it's mind numbing zombie work that may have you ever going nuts in no time, and every one that for only one link, imagine doing tons of for each page you would like to push.

And, if you wished to try to to things right, you would not even be done however as a result of you'd have to be compelled to build links to the new pages you created so as to extend their weight and price within the eyes of Google...

It's not possible, you'd in all probability chuck your keyboard out the window once a number of hours, and at best, your income and traffic would be very restricted since you simply have such a lot of hours in an exceedingly day...

Now see how simple RankBuilder makes it:

RankBuilder comes loaded with many sites, simply check the box for those you would like to use for one specific spherical of submissions

2) Set your username and password just once within the configuration panel: RankBuilder can currently use this data to make as several properties as you would like, while not you having to sort it in ever once more

3) RankBuilder automatically Busts the CAPTCHA, so again, if you're using the automated CAPTCHA breaker, you do not even have to be compelled to be there whereas this happens

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6) higher however, RankBuilder currently captures the URL of the positioning it simply created and automatically bookmarks it, pings it and submits its RSS feed to multiple directories whereas you either sit and watch or do one thing else entirely: the total method is automated!

AND, Rankbuilder remembers the sites it created and therefore the logins, therefore you'll simply choose a replacement article and tell it to try to to it once more by pushing the button.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Traffik Buster CRAZY TRAFFIC boost your traffic like never before!
Traffik Buster could be a powerful piece of software that uses the ability of social media to drive thousands of tourists to your sites, landing pages and offers. we've developed into this software three ways that to drive insane amounts of traffic:

 - Trends Buster: this can be by way the foremost powerful Module of Traffik Buster. Using the ability of trends the software send thousands of messages with current trends of them putting your message and urls in front of scores of folks talking concerning this trends. Trends Buster additionally has the power to focus on trends primarily based on Country

 - Hashtags Buster - Utilizing the ability of Hashtags TraffiK Buster permits you to put you message in front of scores of folks. this can be an insaine thanks to gain exposure to your whole and drive huge traffic to your sites!

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 - Traffik Buster currently offers You the choice To Use Four Threads Or If you have got A Stronger System you'll open additional Instances and Run even additional Threads this may Drastically modification the quantity Of Traffic. however Even within the Development Stages One Instance Generated Over 1k distinctive Hits Per Hour. you furthermore mght Have the choice To Send Traffic To Multiple URL's In Your Campaign

 - Our Misson Is To Bring Our Customers One Software which will Drive Automated Traffic From variety Of Sources. we are going to still Add additional & additional Modules To TRAFFIK BUSTER, serving to You Drive Traffic From a number of the simplest Traffic Sources On net. we have a tendency to Encourage Our Customers to allow Us Idea's, therefore we are able to Keep TRAFFIK BUSTER prior to the sport.

 - Traffik Buster will currently management your HMA VPN Console! ensuring Traffik Buster keeps running even when there's a temp ban on your ip! easy & simple to setup!

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 - An Account With one in all the subsequent - Deathbycaptcha, Bypasscaptcha & Decaptcha is important to run. Traffik Buster won't Work while not an Account From one in all These Captcha Services.


Use yourself with Wiki Bomber. are you able to simply promise to not litter these properties with garbage content? If you utilize the high PR links, use sensible quality content as low quality content affects price|the worth} of the positioning as an entire and lowers link value for us. relish and do not forget to hit like

Wiki Listing High Authority Automated Approve Package 

In case you have a back-link from Wiki web pages, The search engines can address them as like, anybody found the landing page in their Wiki article. It’s like few content on Wikipedia about fat burning has listed your web site which certainly demonstrates that your web sites is good quality as it was specified as a particularly reputable resource in wiki. For this reason an exceptional Useful Link back is what you receive from a Wiki webpage! Most Wiki websites are designed to help people about different issues so mostly are run by non-profit organizations. This is way Google gives them great authority and link value.

Most Wiki websites are designed to help people about different issues so mostly are run by non-profit organizations. This is way Google gives them great authority and link value.

MediaWiki List Features
* 7500 working MediaWIKI Sites. The list is retested periodically and new sites are added.
* 3148 High PR sites. Page Rank from 0 – 8. 350 DoFollow sites and 162 Edu&Gov sites
* All urls are compatible with WikiBomber, ExtremeWikiPoster, UltimateDemon, GSA SER, WikiNuke  etc.
* Text file with 37 unique footprints to find out more Pligg sites and update your list
* Text file with MediaWiki sites most used keywords so you can mix with footprints and find o even more sites
* Use this list with your favorite marketing software

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LinkAssistant v4.3, WebSite Auditor v3.3, SEO SpyGlass v5.3, Rank Tracker v6.3
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