Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Traffik Buster CRAZY TRAFFIC boost your traffic like never before!
Traffik Buster could be a powerful piece of software that uses the ability of social media to drive thousands of tourists to your sites, landing pages and offers. we've developed into this software three ways that to drive insane amounts of traffic:

 - Trends Buster: this can be by way the foremost powerful Module of Traffik Buster. Using the ability of trends the software send thousands of messages with current trends of them putting your message and urls in front of scores of folks talking concerning this trends. Trends Buster additionally has the power to focus on trends primarily based on Country

 - Hashtags Buster - Utilizing the ability of Hashtags TraffiK Buster permits you to put you message in front of scores of folks. this can be an insaine thanks to gain exposure to your whole and drive huge traffic to your sites!

 - Traffik Buster Is an automatic Tool designed to get Traffic To Your Websites/Blogs/Landing Pages/Squeeze Pages/Twitter Apps/FaceBook Apps & Fan Pages/Referral Links/Aff Links/Youtube Videos Or the other sort of Link/Msg you would like To Drive Traffic To.

 - Traffik Buster currently offers You the choice To Use Four Threads Or If you have got A Stronger System you'll open additional Instances and Run even additional Threads this may Drastically modification the quantity Of Traffic. however Even within the Development Stages One Instance Generated Over 1k distinctive Hits Per Hour. you furthermore mght Have the choice To Send Traffic To Multiple URL's In Your Campaign

 - Our Misson Is To Bring Our Customers One Software which will Drive Automated Traffic From variety Of Sources. we are going to still Add additional & additional Modules To TRAFFIK BUSTER, serving to You Drive Traffic From a number of the simplest Traffic Sources On net. we have a tendency to Encourage Our Customers to allow Us Idea's, therefore we are able to Keep TRAFFIK BUSTER prior to the sport.

 - Traffik Buster will currently management your HMA VPN Console! ensuring Traffik Buster keeps running even when there's a temp ban on your ip! easy & simple to setup!

 - we are going to still Update Traffik Buster, Adding additional Traffic Sources As we discover Them. All Customers Get These Updates 100 percent FREE and automatic. The Software Checks For Updates anytime It's Turned On

 - An Account With one in all the subsequent - Deathbycaptcha, Bypasscaptcha & Decaptcha is important to run. Traffik Buster won't Work while not an Account From one in all These Captcha Services.

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