Thursday, April 5, 2012

Tips To Look Beautiful

Tips To Look Beautiful  

There are some key factors in both categories that helps you to look beautiful,innocent and lovely as well.
Natural Tips To Look Beautiful includes

1) Honesty of your heart means if you are sincere,loyal and honest by heart then it reflects on your outer surface as well because your face is the book of your heart.

2) Try to feel happy and satisfied with the circumstances what ever you have.
Smile makes your face more beautiful and you look glow when you are really happy insight and it is a natural phenomena.

3) You should be calm and helpful in nature because people loves you when you have such quailities.If a person is selfish and rude,nobody like them although they have very beautiful faces but those who are caring,helpful and calm in nature,all people like them.

Now the other method is to look beautiful by using care products and general tips;

1) First of all in order to look your skin healthy ,you should use facewash in morning in order to wash off all dirt of your face.

2) After using facewash (that suits to your skin) use perfect day cream.

3) you should wash your face atleast twice a day.

4) Cleanse your skin not more then once a month.

5) Do facial twice a year.

Dont use creams and facial products so vagoriously as it damages your skin.

General Tips;

1) Drink at least 8 glasses of water each day as it helps in hydrating your skin.

2) Eat alots of fruits and vegetables.

3) Dont get over weight.Do exercise on daily basis.

4) Sleep atleast 7-8 hours in a day.

5) Always make a confident and proper posture.

6) Hair Style should be match to your personality,take advice from your beautician that which style suits you more.

7) Donot over do with your eyebrow outlining.

8) choose lipstick colour that suits to your personality.

9) Never squeeze your pimple as it lefts pimple's scar also bacteria will spread causing more pimples.

10) Exfoliation of dead skin cells is very important and for this purpose always use mild exfoliator.

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