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Reasons Men Hate Women Cry

Reasons Men Hate Women Cry. hobbies for men and women
Women crying is normal. But did you ever think that not a few men actually hate it. Many men say that she was just crying tears that do not have any meaning. Therefore, man has always hated when she cried for any reason.

But if you feel sad to cry, then do not be afraid to cry, because not all men hate it when women cry, there is also a compassionate man with a woman's tears.

Crying is natural for a woman, because she was in tears the burden that they feel will be slightly reduced. But if you frequently use crying as your secret weapon to conquer the hearts of man, any man will eventually find out, evenhobbies for men and women
 compassion was no more and turned into hate.

So, why do men hate women cry? Here are some reasons why women hate men cry, quoted from Blodsky, Wednesday (7/3)hobbies for men and women

Men should remove their handkerchiefs
Men do not like to spend their handkerchiefs to catch up or remove a woman's tears. For men they are more happy to see you burst into tears and not a flood of tears.hobbies for men and women

hobbies for men and women

Men hate to be helpless
When a woman starts to cry issued jurusnya ie it will make him helpless. Men are not very good at handling emotions to express helplessness so that they react with anger. And crying is an emotion alien to them.hobbies for men and women

Women dependent on men
When a woman cries the man to do is cuddle and comfort. What happens next? Woman was touched and he will reply to all of it by showing his gratitude. But if the crying is a major weapon to attract attention from him, that he would feel bored, because men do not like it too much.hobbies for men and women

Embarrassed in public
Men love to be a public spectacle when a fight broke out because they describe the macho man and does not need to express every emotion. But when in public with a woman in a state of crying, it is a shameful thing for him. This is a 'scene' which was created in public because now everyone knows that it can be affected by her tears.hobbies for men and women

So girls, if you include that often makes the eyes water as a weapon?hobbies for men and women


  1. Not all women are like that, I for one hate crying, I hate showing that emotional part. I feel angry with myself when I cry. Though I do cry, I have grown up learning, not all people like to see others cry, because it makes them angry. I am not saying I don't like seeing others cry, I am saying I hate seeing ME cry. I know you said a few things about women, but not all women use tears to hold a man. I hate crying, I hate getting hurt (as do others), and I dislike showing that part of me to others. I find it embarrassing, I just wanna hide myself and so with that said...I don't want to cry, I don't want to feel that pain, and so I choose a no relationship life, with nothing in between.I don't know if you will respond to my comment, but I had to say, how I feel so others ...probably men...will know that not all women cry on purpose.
    I know lots of people(men and women)cry to get attention, or to get their way..etc. I DON'T.

    1. Hi , I for one love strong women but most women out there are not always strong just as not all men are asshole !!1 He does make a point but he is also not 100% right and you are also right about what you are saying !!!


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