Saturday, March 24, 2012

TERRA NOVA Canceled!

After days, weeks, months of speculation if FOX would bring back their big budget prehistoric adventure - Terra Nova has been officially canned. We asked a few months ago if Terra Nova was a disappointment. Gathering responses from here, Twitter, Facebook, and just the internet in general – it seems to be a solid 50/50 split. Some thought it had creativity and could only get better if it had a second season. Others (like me), felt it was just another show built up from hype only to disappoint.

Seriously, a dinosaur was sent to the future to help save the past? Or was it a dinosaur was sent to the present to help save the present from the past destroying our future?

Terra Nova produced decent enough ratings for a scripted show, but for its budget and overwhelming expectations, it was likely best for FOX to dispose of it. Think of this as a positive though. With both House and Terra Nova not returning, it can only help out Fringe. With the possibilities of syndication after a potential season five, Warner Bros. is likely to offer Fringe at a discount price to FOX.

Granted, the money budgeted for both House and Terra Nova will probably go towards next seasons new pilots (please, not another Seth MacFarlane show), but one could only hope.

Are you sad to see the dinosaurs die off yet again? What was in the Badlands? What is to come of Alcatraz now?


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