Monday, March 26, 2012

15 Reasons Why Men Need Women in their Lives

Whether they accept it or not, men need women in their lives to constantly feel wanted and needed. Women help them in adding meaning to their life just as men add meaning to theirs. Both theses sexes are incomplete without the other irrespective of how much they petition against it. Some of the reasons why men need women in their lives are:

To find a friend and companion
Men are more scared of loneliness than they would like to admit and they constantly need a friend who will listen to everything they feel and say. Women have always been indispensable to men because they are great companions and they give without expecting a lot. However, with the changing times, women now ask men for what they want because a woman has grown up to be much more than a partner who is supposed to stand by him in times of sorrow and happiness.

To nurture them
Men always need to be nurtured and taken care of. They have a hard time growing up so in a lot of ways, they don’t. He earns money and brings it home but apart from that, a man looks for care from his woman just as he would from his mother. Men like depending on women for their emotional needs but because their form of expression is different, it’s not as easily distinguishable as women would like.

To love them
Irrespective of the number of times he says that he doesn’t need your love, it’s not going to be true. Men need love which only a woman can give. Their ego doesn’t always allow them to be honest about it but the presence of love is important to them throughout their lives.

To provide emotional support
Men are more emotional than women give them credit for. A man’s emotion is as strong as a woman’s and whenever they feel emotionally violated, they turn to their partner to share their feelings. It’s not a habit with men but when it becomes impossible for them to keep their feelings to themselves, they turn towards a woman, be it his partner or his mother to look for some support.

To meet their sexual needs
Everyone is familiar with a man’s need for physical intimacy and sexual activity and it is nearly impossible to fulfill it without a woman.

To support their status symbol
Some men perceive women as commodities and artificial decoration to adorn their lives just so that they can show to them off to their friends. Unbelievable as it sounds, it’s not untrue. A woman of the right upbringing can truly raise him on the social ladder.

To bear children and care of their lineage
This is one of the primary reasons for men to want women. They cannot procreate without a woman, let alone taking care of the children. Woman can multitask and perform the role of a provider as well as a care giver to their children and carry his name in the next generation.

To help men in providing financial security to their family
With the changing times, women and their role in the society have undergone a massive change and from keepers, they have become seekers. They seek equal opportunity in terms of their career and with the increase in the standard and cost of living; men have shed their inhibitions in looking towards their female counterparts for helping them in providing additional financial security to their family.

To look after them when they age
A man craves for a woman’s company when he grows old and becomes unattractive. Men don’t like being tied down by women as long as they can retain their charm and good looks. However, once it starts to fade away with time, their need for women’s company increases. They become a support system for each other.

To feel better about themselves
Strange but true, a man looks at a woman to feel good about himself. It acts like an ego boost. If she is very beautiful, a man may think he’s great to look at which is why he got someone that pretty to fall for him. If she’s not, then he can have the pleasure of feeling superior to her and be secure in this relationship with the knowledge that he will never be stranded by her. Either ways, women make men feel better.

To give reality checks
Since women are the more practical and mature out of the two, women are needed to constantly give men reality checks and tell them what’s what. A man constantly needs someone to help him differentiate one thing from the other and his ego doesn’t permit him to listen to anyone but his mother, girlfriend or wife which is why she alone can keep him grounded.

To prove their ‘manliness’
Men have a dominating tendency and there isn’t a lot they can do about it. A lot of them are very assertive, egoistic and fierce. They consider it manly. Without a woman in his life, he will not get a chance to prove his ‘manliness’ and no one apart from someone who loves him is going to be that subservient.

To trust someone apart from themselves
As much as they like being the boss, they need someone they can confide into without being judged. They want to be able to trust someone apart from themselves before they can actually crack open their hard exterior to reveal a soft core.

To help him and guide him
A man always needs to be helped and guided by someone. Now, this someone cannot be just about anyone. Once he establishes trust in the relationship, he allows his woman to help him to identify and understand situation, think about the best course of action and help him to take it

To be a source of strength
Men have a strong resolve but they need women to fuel the resolve. They look up to women as a source of emotional strength. Only a man of strong and determined emotions can truly be strong.

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