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VPN-Tricked Preload not working once VPN is disabled [EU]

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[–]daredftw 4 points  ago
Found a workaround for EU!
Use a Russian VPN instead of Asian, they can preload aswell.
DL speed @ 1.3mb/s :)
Update: Got disconnected after a while but it started downloading again by itself. Use VPN as starter cables ;)
[–]Ori0n87 1 point  ago
You must be closer to Russia than I am, I'm getting 185KB/s xD
[–]SebbyzSebbyzlol 3 points  ago
Is anyone else having problems with this? I connect to a Korean server with my VPN and Origin still tells me that BF4 is not yet out. Can it be that my BF4 is still not "activated" because it tells me "Product Code: XXXXXXXXXX" Right now for me, or will that happen when i have downloaded it?
[–]orovolt[S] 2 points  ago
You need to have the product code before you'll have pre-load available, I'm afraid. I waited a couple days after pre-ordering before getting the 'You've successfully pre ordered' and the product code.
[–]SebbyzSebbyzlol 3 points  ago
Well i pretty much pre-ordered the game the first day you could pre-order it. I even talked to a person TODAY on the EA live support and he said that everything is looking okay. Did you pre-order it from Origin?
[–]orovolt[S] 1 point  ago
[–]SebbyzSebbyzlol 2 points  ago
Well that's weird that my pre-order havent been "Activated" yet then :S
[–]SebbyzSebbyzlol 2 points  ago
I'm talking to EA support atm. He keeps saying everything looks "okay"
[–]CptGiggles 1 point  ago
I can sort of confirm there's something odd going on. I bought the game on August 3. My girlfriend bought the game just now. for her it gives her the release and preload date, for me it just shows 'not released yet'
[–]orovolt[S] 2 points  ago
Yup. You were probably using the old shop client, so you'll likely have to wait for the release day.
[–]Ropajzl 1 point  ago
Have exactly the same problem as you. Bought the first day possible, and offcourse the account is not activated yet, because no matter which country/server I try it says not released yet. But on russian/american Origin shop i can see preorder now, but you have to buy it, i assume it's not activated yet, the most loyal customers are fucked!!!
[–]VishnuCat 3 points  ago
I'm European and the game still displays as "Not yet released" (Connected through Korean VPN)
Have you tried of, instead of relogging, going offline then going online?
[–]orovolt[S] 2 points  ago
Indeed I have :(
[–]VishnuCat 2 points  ago
From a different forum :
Yeah it works. But once the preload is starting DISCONNECT FROM VPN ONLY, DO NOT CLOSE ORIGIN. Origin will go nuts if you try to re-launch it without vpn when preload is started.
[–]orovolt[S] 2 points  ago
It works! Thank ye!
[–]ShavedAp3 2 points  ago
I have not released yet, did using a vpn give you access to the preload?
[–]VishnuCat 2 points  ago
Nope. It changed the front page of Origin to Korean, but the preload is still not available. I just checked my bank account and I still haven't been charged for the game, so I guess that's the issue.
[–]ShavedAp3 2 points  ago
I already paid for mine m8 so no thats not the problem, I checked with help.ea and all I got was their experts are working on it try in a few hours
[–]SebbyzSebbyzlol 3 points  ago
I have a similar problem, they have taken my money, but it doesnt show up in the transaction history on Origin. and when i use a VPN it tells me it's not released yet, eventho im connected to an Korean VPN
[–]ShavedAp3 3 points  ago
Yeah I checked with help and pointed out that it doesnt even show in my order history and they said I can see you account has access to the game. "Please wait 1 or 2 hours and it should become available." Of course we all know that's just their copy and paste answer and the truth is 2- 3 hours from now it may well be the same and if I go back they will no doubt give me the same answer.
I'm in the UK so I don't get the game till Nov 1 st anyway but was hoping to make use of a VPN it looks like at this point I wont even get to pre load never mind make use of a VPN
[–]SebbyzSebbyzlol 1 point  ago
Yeah, talking to EA support atm and he keeps saying everything looks okay. and that i should wait til 1st november.... OKAY. so i told him my friends dates are showing and that their order history are showing. He asked if i want to cancel the pre-order and re-order for some reason.
[–]ShavedAp3 1 point  ago
Yeah it is likely they locked down the pre load based on the location it was bought from so for me thats the UK which means no preload till the 29th.
If I cancel my order there are no guarantees it will fix anything so not much point since I would need to wait a few days for the refund before ordering again.
I am not willing to put myself out of pocket for a few days while I wait for refund to arrive in my account especially since it probably wont even be processed till Monday.
[–]ShavedAp3 1 point  ago
Ok this makes my mind up for sure,

Just in case you dont want to click the link it says:
"Cancelled preorder / Made a new one"
"Didn't fix shit. Still can't preload. No product key. Ty EA. Much love. Wish i could just pay DICE directly instead of going through your shitty services."
[–]Elles_D 1 point  ago
im from germany, worked with flyvpn (free). i used hongkong, started dl, then just disconnected from flyvpn and the download keeps going with 2 mb/s (i did NOT pause the download btw).
[–]NadenOfficial 1 point  ago
I got the same, anyone have a fix?
[–]mundox(mismo nombre) 1 point  ago
as no free VPN gives sufficient speed for the download to be done entirely through VPN.
Have you tried spotflux
[–]orovolt[S] 1 point  ago
When I try to use spotflux I don't have the ability to initiate the Pre-load (no option for it even after restarting origins). It says my pre-load is available on the 28th (as it does normally without VPN).
The VPN is working fine otherwise, it seems (ip tracker sites says I'm now in Virginia).
[–]NadenOfficial 1 point  ago
im using cactusVPN and my speed is 99% of what i normally have being connected to kansas in usa. Also if i want to pause the download i just pause it in the origin download and disconnect temporarily from the vpn, its important to not continue the download while not connected to the vpn.
[–]orovolt[S] 1 point  ago
Tried CactusVPN. Getting same speed as spotflux, pretty much (200-300kb/s).
Then I tried Disconnecting from CactusVPN while downloading; and now I have my normal download speed (4mb/s) !
[–]ChipChase 1 point  ago
commenting to save thread :)
[–]Sakarias411 2 points  ago
Connect to the VPN, Run Origin, Start the Download of the game, Disconect form the VPN (Without closing origin), and you should download at fullspeed.... it's working for me.
[–]orovolt[S] 2 points  ago
Tried it, sadly it just stuck to the VPN's downloadspeed (200kb/s), so idunno what's going on there. Then tried to pause it and start the download and now all i get is 'Failed to download'.
[–]Elles_D 0 points  ago
u from eu?
[–]Sakarias411 1 point  ago
Yes I'm from Europe, Downloading at 2.35 mb/s at the moment..
[–]orovolt[S] 2 points  ago
Do you pause the download before disconnecting the VPN, or do you just cut the VPN off AS you're downloading?
[–]Sakarias411 1 point  ago
Yep, Disconect from the VPN "WHILE" you're downloading...
[–]orovolt[S] 1 point  ago
[–]danielzy 1 point  ago
It doesnt cancel my download (which is something I guess), but it stays around 50 kb\s
[–]danielzy 1 point  ago
Managed to fix it guys!
I tried everything, every single server, disconnecting before and after the preload starts etc etc
What eventually worked: Select LA server, the download speed is higher right away (around 200 kb\s, still low tho), just wait a few minutes and THEN disconnect your VPN.
Downloading at 4.5 mb\s, with other servers it was around 25 kb\s.
[–]notimeforname 1 point  ago
Work for me, when I disconnected from the VPN while origin was downloading.
[–]DEAD-95 1 point  ago
My download stops when i disconnect from the VPN, i think we need someone to upload it to torrent or somewhere else
[–]orovolt[S] 2 points  ago
Make sure you start Origin with administrator rights, or else it'll just lock up (happens occasionally)
[–]DEAD-95 1 point  ago
Thanks it worked, but i can't resume after pausing :( .. this is a big problem for me since i have download limitation in specific times and my internet is not fast enough to finish downloading 24gb in 1day
[–]orovolt[S] 2 points  ago
Indeed. You need to be reconnected to the VPN to resume a paused download.
So just reconnect to the VPN, resume the download, then disconnect from the VPN (without pausing again) and itshould work.
[–]DEAD-95 1 point  ago
Thanks! it works .. i suggest adding this notice to the post
[–]orovolt[S] 1 point  ago
Great! I've done a complete edit of the OP now :)
[–]pelllll 1 point  ago
Stupid question but i got the origin client on spanish, i guess now the game will be in spanish too? i want the game on english :s
[–]goodguygreg808 -1 points  ago
Why for the love of god are you people using VPN? Use a proxy server.
[–]orovolt[S] 1 point  ago
Not finding any proxy servers that will let me use Origin. Know any good ones?
[–]orovolt[S] 1 point  ago
I've tried twenty different proxies from proxynova, every single one was so slow I couldn't even load Origin (or it gave me an error).
[–]goodguygreg808 1 point  ago
Hmm friend in Portsmouth pulled it off with that site. Good luck hunting a proxy down then.
[–]pelllll 1 point  ago
less secure or what is the problem?

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