Friday, October 11, 2013

Battlefield 4 MultiPlayer Tips and Tricks

Here you’ll find some basic Battlefield 4 multiplayer tips to help you in the very competitive online space. Battlefield 4 multiplayer features several game modes, the two most popular being Conquest and Rush. In conquest, the objective is to capture and hold as many flags as possible. In Rush, one team defends while another attacks a set of objectives.
Here’s a brief overview of the Battlefield 4 multiplayer tips and tricks that you can use to gain advantage. As the game matures, we’ll be updating this page with more and more information.

Basic Battlefield 4 Multiplayer Tips
The multiplayer is based on a rock-paper-scissors gameplay, which means that no one thing/feature can dominate the other. It means that whatever happens on the battlefield, there’s a way to counter it. As a beginning Battlefield 4 player, it’s important to understand the basics of the game, such as the classes, game modes, and gameplay mechanics. Here are some basic Battlefield 4 multiplayer tips and tricks to get you started:

Class Tips
Depending on what map and game mode you’re playing, there are various ways of increasing your chances of success on the battlefield. For example, playing Rush on one of the dense, infantry focused Battlefield 4 maps is very different from playing Conquest on a large, open scale map. The first one you would be best off playing the Assault class, while the latter might be a better idea to play as the Engineer class.

Squad up

The first thing you should do is join a squad. Squadding up means you can spawn closer to the action, and it means you can better help your teammates. 

Pick the right class

Picking the right Battlefield 4 class can have a huge importance on the battlefield. If your squad mates are in intense, close quarter combat, spawn as a Support class to provide ammo and suppressive fire, or a Medic so you can revive.

Support your team

Be supportive of your squad mates and teammates. If you’re a Support class, drop ammo, if you’re playing the Assault class, drop med-kits so your teammates can heal. If you’re the Battlefield 4 commander, make sure your main focus is actually commanding and helping your team.

Play the objective

The best way to win a round of Battlefield 4 multiplayer is to simply play the objective. If it’s the Conquest, you should capture flags, if it’s Rush, you should attack/defend the objective, and not worry so much about getting kills. Basically, which ever one of the Battlefield 4 multiplayer game modes you’re playing, follow and play the objective of that game mode.
Spot enemy soldiers and vehicles
Spotting enemy soldiers and vehicles is easy, and should be done all the time. When you spot an enemy, he’ll appear on your teammate’s radar screen. This is especially important if you’re playing the Recon class and are observing the battle from afar. You can easily spot the enemies for your teammates simply by pressing the “Q” button (on PC) when you see an enemy.

Vehicle Multiplayer Tips
The key to successful use of vehicles lies in knowing your vehicle and its strengths and weaknesses. Most armored vehicles, like tanks and APCs, are great for attacking the objective and pushing forwards.

Here are some key Battlefield 4 multiplayer tips and tricks in regards to the main vehicles in the game:

Tanks and APCs

Jets and Helicopters

Battlefield 4 Jets and helicopters are both great attack vehicles, while the helicopter is also well suited for defending an objective. With the right pilot and gunner, an attack helicopter can hang back and defend several objectives.

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