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BF4: Best way to get early access using proxy. All steps explained with colorful pictures.

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[–]TheBlueFalcon816 9 points  ago
I have been paying to use a VPN for the past year... thanks for finding this! This is awesome.
[–]Meior 9 points  ago
You've been paying for VPN? That's like paying for porn. :P
[–]literal_reply_guy 9 points  ago
Depends what you want from your VPN, if you want reliable and secure connections with no logs or records kept then a free one might not suit you.
[–]SirMasterSirMaster88 1 point  ago
Also if you want tens of Mbit/s from your VPN you aren't gonna get that from a free one.
[–]saGot3n 6 points  ago
Works for me, much better than FLY imo. here is a screenshot of proof. Time is CENTRAL STANDARD TIME.
[–]november7286Mako_0ne 2 points  ago
So 8am CST you can start playing bf4? I haven't done this vpn stuff before but as soon as I get it preloaded, you can betcha I'm gonna try.
[–]RiotDesign 4 points  ago
GreenmanGaming has a 20% off coupon going. This thread has links to it and the code.
[–]SkeletalPirate 1 point  ago
Is that version the one that also has China Rising as well? Are there any Battlepacks included?
[–]xAlias 2 points  ago
Yes, any pre order version has China rising DLC with it.
[–]SkeletalPirate 1 point  ago
Thanks, I just read that. I didn't see anything about any battlepacks though. I guess that's the trade off for 20% off.
[–]xAlias 2 points  ago
I believe the battle packs come with the deluxe edition.
[–]ProperSauce 1 point  ago
Shmaddle Packs
[–]OffspringOrigin Producer 4 points  ago
Your edit simply states that one CS person confirmed that you wouldn't get banned. I could probably go through the same process and get a different answer. I don't know what our actual policy on this is, so I won't comment but don't do anything dumb that will wind up getting you banned.
[–]rhn94tehrhn94[S] 1 point  ago
So is it even possible for me to play the game early using this method?
[–]fjordstorm 6 points  ago
Do you need to reconnect every time you start a new game/server or once you "activate" it the first time and enter a game are you good until it releases officially in your region?
[–]Spalding86 7 points  ago
Only activate it the first time. Excactly how OP's said.
[–]schwarzklang 1 point  ago
I hope it is like that.. for example: If you pause your download after disconnecting from the vpn origing wont let you resume the download, you have to close origin and reconnect via vpn.
[–]Tavarish 5 points  ago
No as long you don't close Origin at any point after activating game with VPN. If you close Origin you most likely need re-activate game again.
[–]level_e11evenGlorious Master Race 5 points  ago
I'm pretty sure activation is Origin sending you the unecrypted .exe. Origin doesn't check your region or game after activation. It only does it once.
[–]Tavarish 5 points  ago
It checks game release validity when starting up, at least it did back in the day. This meant that if you VPN unlocked game and then restarted Origin game would be locked again.
[–]austinxp 2 points  ago
Look's awesome!
[–]Zeroth1989 3 points  ago
Nice to add options but why do you need a "fast" VPN... You only have it enabled to begin the download then close it. Same again tomorrow
[–]rhn94tehrhn94[S] 1 point  ago
it's not about the fast, it's about the reliability of the connection and if the servers will be full or not... with flyvpn, the free users only get a limited number of slots for a limited number of time, and their connections drop a lot. Also, there might be updates to play to the game, at least a few hundred mb worth i'd reckon, so fast is an added bonus for sure.
[–]prostynick 2 points  ago
You don't need VPN to update the game.
[–]heartlessphilrawr1234 3 points  ago
thanks a ton man, I prefer softether to flyvpn. Much easier to use imo! cya on the battlefield in 17 hours!!!
[–]xKronicL 3 points  ago
Question! I see people who can unlock at 8, but mine says at 9am... Is there any way I can play at 8? I have classes at 9 sooo
[–]rhn94tehrhn94[S] 3 points  ago
tldr; Nope.
that's not how timezones work. Ill explain. The game is supposed to be released in Korea & NA at midnight, the 29th. But in NA the time will be 11 am est, 8am pst when it releases in korea. But using VPN we can trick origin into thinking we are in korea hence getting to play the game early even though it hasn't been released in NA. Now unless you want to move to the west coast and transfer schools it's not going to work.
[–]saGot3n 3 points  ago
see thats how i thought it worked to, but im CST and my release time is 8am.
[–]rhn94tehrhn94[S] 2 points  ago
that's very i'm confused lol
[–]Pierz 1 point  ago
I think it has something with what timezone your actual computer is set for. I had mine set for CST and I was getting a 10AM activation time through the VPN. Once I switched it to PST I now get 8AM as my activation time.
[–]meno123 1 point  ago
I have classes at 9. Probably not going.
[–]xKronicL 1 point  ago
I have a test :( god dammit I hate spanish in every way
[–]Zone15 4 points  ago
How safe is this, could your Origin account get hacked by logging in over a VPN?
[–]rhn94tehrhn94[S] 1 point  ago
[–]PaDDzR 2 points  ago
Does it matter if I add the key from Ireland and then connect to korea?
[–]cggreene 3 points  ago
No. It will work.
[–]CrossBowKillCro55BowKill -1 points  ago
This is for people how already bought the game and preloaded it so they can play before it is released in your country for example I live in germany Korea is 7h in front of us so i can play it on the 28.10 @ round about 5p.m
[–]PaDDzR 2 points  ago
I bought a key from cd store, I'm getting the key 12h before it comes out, in Uk and Ireland we get it on the 1st :/
[–]Frugle 2 points  ago
Is there any evidence that using a proxy to unlock the game doesn't get you banned?
[–]rhn94tehrhn94[S] 0 points  ago
no, only buying the game through a vpn will get you banned(ok apparently not)*, not playing the game beforehand, there was a huge thread about it a few days ago when someone confirmed it with EA support. I wouldn't be doing this if it got me banned.
[–]Lincolns_Revenge 6 points  ago
It's not even correct to say that buying the game through a VPN will get you banned. Not counting a few unsubstantiated claims, the worst case scenarios for people who have done that in the past appears to be that they can no longer purchase games directly through Origin. Most people don't consider that to be a big deal because you can always buy games or DLC outside of Origin and then unlock them in Origin with a product code.
[–]Frugle 4 points  ago
Ok. I found the thread. Looks like that is the case. Knowing the quality of EA support, I hope the support person was someone who knew what they were talking about. Thank you for clarifying.
[–]HNAGNRGS042Legacy 1 point  ago
buying the game through a vpn will get you banned
not true, stop spreading false information.
[–]Knoxeh 1 point  ago
It isn't 100% ban given for buying a game through a VPN, but it's within their rights to do so. They added it in the Terms of Service not too long ago. General VPN use is not noted in the TOS, just "Avoiding local store pricing of products".
TLDR; It MIGHT get you banned if you buy a game via VPN.
[–]level_e11evenGlorious Master Race 2 points  ago
I had already planned to use FlyVPN, but like you said it's slow and unreliable. This works much better. I'm launch ready:
[–]Wuselon 2 points  ago
thanks man!
[–]WizbombArmchair General 2 points  ago
If i connect to Korea when would i get the game on EST?
[–]rhn94tehrhn94[S] 2 points  ago
11:00 AM EST
[–]WizbombArmchair General 1 point  ago
[–]HolyAllah 2 points  ago
Wow. What a great VPN program! And its free too! Thanks for this!
[–]Murdric 2 points  ago
Do you think the american server will be up by this time or ill have to connect to korean server?
[–]rhn94tehrhn94[S] 2 points  ago
the game launches on 29th in NA. If you want it early you'd be better of going Korean.
[–]Murdric 2 points  ago
Will it be playable or laggy if we playing on korean server?
[–]rhn94tehrhn94[S] 2 points  ago
Once you download the "update"(authentication files) after opening BF4 for the first time, then disconnect from VPN and then connect to servers from Battlelog
[–]Murdric 2 points  ago
Ok thank you my friend! See you on bf4 ;)
[–]GetThatNoiseOuttaHerNrainO 3 points  ago
I keep trying to connect to a Korean server and get an error code. "Protocol error occurred. Error was returned from the destination server."
[–]rhn94tehrhn94[S] 0 points  ago
Is this only happening for Korean servers or do other servers work? There are multiple servers for Korea, try connecting to other ones. If it doesn't connect to Korea, try other countries. If not, restarting your computer, and then if not, re-installing.
I couldn't connect to some Korean servers, the solutions i found were either to connect to other servers, or to refresh the list to make sure the server i was connecting to wasn't down.
[–]Finkster 3 points  ago
Use UDP instead of TCP when connecting.
[–]rhn94tehrhn94[S] 1 point  ago
Did you try multiple servers? There are more servers in Korea that you could try. Tell me what happens
[–]Piedude223Derpasaures 2 points  ago
after the american release is out, can i switch over without my progress being deleted? Thanks man, downloading now :)
[–]rhn94tehrhn94[S] 2 points  ago
This doesn't affect your account. So yes, after NA release just don't use VPN while playing the game.
[–]Piedude223Derpasaures 1 point  ago
[–]ChickenMcVeggieSlopOvenMittRomney 2 points  ago
So what is the earliest time PST OR EST the game will release using this method?
[–]rhn94tehrhn94[S] 3 points  ago
if you use the VPN you'll have access to the game when it releases in Korea. Now, for EST that's 11:00 AM, PST is 8:00 AM
[–]Jefri91 1 point  ago
On the 28th right?
[–]rhn94tehrhn94[S] 2 points  ago
[–]saGot3n 2 points  ago
I got 8am as the earliest in Central Standard Time with the vpn. Proof here
[–]curedbaconDisabledMidget 2 points  ago
thanks man!
[–]Niserox 1 point  ago
As long as you use a proxy it will work, you don't even need extra programs.
Origin uses Internet Explorer proxy settings to connect, so if you use a Tawainese or Chinese or Korean proxy IP:Port, Origin will think you're connecting from there instead.
You can get the IP:Port from sites like or cool-proxy. Just put the proxy IP and Port in the internet explorer proxy settings and start up Origin.
The only thing, is that it needs to be an HTTPS proxy, not an HTTP or SOCKS. Because Origin logs you in with HTTPS.
[–]DykeOnaByke 1 point  ago
will people have access to multiplayer servers? Or will this just let us play single player until release?
[–]rhn94tehrhn94[S] 1 point  ago
Honestly, I don't even know if this is going to work, we can try it tomorrow and see what happens.
[–]Stankia 1 point  ago
Did everyone here bought their keys from Origin?
[–]AyzerrAyzerrTV 1 point  ago
Will this give me the Korean version of the game, even if I preorded and paid in Ireland?
[–]rhn94tehrhn94[S] 1 point  ago
no, you bought the game in NA, preloaded in NA with english files. TBH i don't know if the whole VPN thing will work, we will have to see and find out.
[–]TeamOggy 1 point  ago
When I activate a VPN it will not connect to the internet. Any reason why?
EDIT: It also said my Origin was in use by another PC when I turned it off...?
[–]rhn94tehrhn94[S] 1 point  ago
I don't know about the internet thing, but the Origin thing happened to me to & there's nothing to worry about that
[–]TheRabidPigeonRabidPigeon 1 point  ago
I <3 you for this :) But how do I disconnect? Please respond soon, I'm a dumbass. Example of me being a dumbass: When I tried to preload the BF4 BETA I reinstalled windows by accident...
[–]Largoh 0 points  ago
I don't understand why Flyvpn being slow is an issue? I connected, launched Origin, started the download then disconnected from Fly and closed it leaving origin open. The download then went up to full speed. If you're downloading via VPN then you're doing it wrong.
[–]rhn94tehrhn94[S] 2 points  ago
You don't have to use this method. For me flyvpn was being an asshole so I used softether & I made this guide because I noticed other people were having issues too. You can use whatever suits you best, it's not like softether is paying me or anything.
[–]Largoh 0 points  ago
If you couldn't connect then that's fair enough, I just don't understand how it being slow is an issue.
[–]rhn94tehrhn94[S] 1 point  ago
So there are going to be "updates"(authentication) when you run for the first time, when you're going to download those files, you definitely need to be connected to your VPN. Why? Because when you disconnect your VPN when the download is at 1% to make it go faster, it's almost like changing your internet connection (just the ways vpn's are set up) and that make origin re-acquire ip adresses and such. Now, I'm not fully sure if this might affect anything but at least the connection being fast isn't a bad thing. It's a plus. And there's no trade-off. So, why not?
[–]pelllll -3 points  ago
flyvpn is ok Oo

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