Saturday, July 7, 2012


This post is about VANDALLISM Youtube Bot. This bot is very fast and working for like , dislike , flag etc. With this you can boost your youtube video very fast. Price is as usual high for this but here. Price is ZERO

Why is this bot different then others?

There are a lot of differences between this bot and other youtube bots around internet.
First off this youtube bot is using API’s. That makes this youtube bot a lot faster then using ordinary web browser.
Currently, as i checked on hf, all youtube bots are actually using webbrowsers, and its speed actually SUX!
Since it will take you around 20secs per 1 account to LOGIN-Comment/rate/sub-SIGNOUT.
With the API’s, the bot will do 50 accounts in 20 secs.
The speed is main reason of course since many people will use
this bot for their youtube services online and this is fastest way and with
quality you could choose to do it. For features list take a look down here
and you will see what this bot actually posses beside SPEED.

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